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Open Art Route

Starting 2012 to 2016 we developed this project from A to Z, mapping, connecting, mobilizing, showcasing and pushing our local art scene. We could write a book on this enterprise… or not… maybe just a quick tour of the project here.



Open Ateliers Zuidoost (OAZO) is an art initiative that started over 25 years ago in the form of the Open Atelier Route event in De Bijlmer (Amsterdam South East). Ever since OAZO has grown into an elaborate infrastructure for artists offering 2.200 m2 workspace. Yet, when we sat down together in 2012, things were a bit slow.


Working in a local studio ourselves, we knew about the magic that goes on within the walls of the artists’ studios around and we’ve seen new art spots arise too. In our vision the daily presence and production of over 200 artists is of major value to the local community AND to the international Amsterdam art scene on so many levels.

So from 2013 we reintroduced the Open Atelier Route Zuidoost as the OPEN ART ROUTE: a platform for all possible forms of international contemporary artistic expression in and around the artistic workspaces in Southeast Amsterdam. With a new approach to the ‘route’ concept and some fresh rebranding efforts, the OPEN ART ROUTE has become the multidisciplinary art festival of De Bijlmer with 200+ participating artists and many more extras! This yearly event now gets noticed and visited by art lovers and professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.

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