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Project: Bunny Rugs

Partner: Sensiriti Sound

Disciplines: Video Production, Camera Operator, Video Editing, Video Efx

Year: 2011, 2012

When Sensiriti Sound invited us to work on a video for Bunny Rugs we were instantly hyped. It's not everyday we have the chance to work with an absolute legend of a genre. Bunny Rugs, pioneer of Reggae music and lead vocalist of the legendary Third World Band, stayed in the Bijlmer area in between European tour dates during summer 2011. In these downdays we worked on a video promo for his upcoming solo album Time, shot a musicvideo for A House is not a Home and spent some precious time together on our rooftop art project Fatform.  

Video credits

Artist: Bunny Rugs

Track: Just can't deny

Track: Kurfew

Track: Love is Blind

Album: Time



Director: Jeffrey Croese

Producer: Tim de Wreede / Sensiriti Sound

Camera: Jeffrey Croese

Edit: Jeffrey Croese


A & Sensiriti Sound production 2012

Time is Bunny's sixth solo album and it contains 15 tracks. According to Bunny, Time is a mixture of lover's rock and social commentary. The video promo is a medley of three of Bunny's favourite songs; Just Can't Deny, Kurfew and Love Is Blind. We shot most of the video in Metropool Hengelo working between Third World Band soundcheck and performance. The Kurfew piece was shot in our studio. #runit

A House is not a home - musicvideo


This video was filmed in the Bijlmer estate in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during Third World's "patriots" tour of 2011. During his time with Sensiriti sound in Amsterdam, the soundsystem's owner Tim de Wreede worked with on a promo for Bunny Rugs' upcoming album "Time". During those video shoots the idea to shoot a video in the Bijlmer area was percieved, and Bunny Rugs' rendition of "a house is not a home" was the perfect song to capture the artist and producers' love for people and the neighbourhood where they grew up.


Artist: Bunny Rugs

Track: This house is not a home

Video Director: Jeffrey Croese

Camera: Jeffrey Croese & Rick Bon

Producer: Tim de Wreede

Styling: Rachel Tokromo

Actors: Ikael Echteld & Eroly Dodson

Post production: Jeffrey Croese


A production 2011.

Soundclash is a big thing in Reggae Dancehall music. Eversince the early days groups would bring out their amps, speakers, records and dubplates which combined formed the Sound System. The musical competition, judged by the audience, is called Soundclash. 

I remember a conversation with Bunny about Videoclash. His friend Freddie McGregor had released a video for A House is not a home earlier that year and we needed to to better he said, because it's videoclash!. -Jeff Croese   

...And then we got sad news.



Sad news today.

Our friend Bunny Rugs died.

Our thoughts go out to the family.

William "BUNNY RUGS" Clark

February 6, 1948 - February 2, 2014



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