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Project: Zoek Dekking

Partner: Rex-N-Undercover, Bert Jacobs

Disciplines: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Visual Effects

Year: 2011

This release never saw the light in the way we envisioned it. After working on M.O. & Brakko's Koester album with Bert Jacobs this was the next step in our graphic effort. We didn't start from paper but this time around Bert moved to Photoshop and Wacom tablets making more time available for animation. Sadly SamenSterk Records fell apart while we were designing this piece and our work never made it to the beautiful Digipack CD sleeve and presentation we were set out for. The album saw it's release as a free digital download with only the intended CD print as a cover. The planned release on September 11th 2011 at FATFORM turned into MacBrush & Acapella


With the Zoek Dekking/Take cover artwork we stepped it up a notch. Bert Jacobs going digital and Jeff Croese on animation. Envisioning Rex-n-Undercover as lyrical fighterpilots dropping bombs. Zooming in from bird's eye perspective of the pilots to streetlevel view of the people on the street and a child watching the situation unfold through it's fingers. Also a nice detail is that all the cd credits and information is on the disk, keeping the sleeve clean. 

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