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Project: Jahcage Sound

Partner: Jahcage Sound

Disciplines: Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Year: 2017

For the Jahcage Sound logo we are looking for a strong and aggressive look and feel that really represents the soundsystems raison d’etre to clash and compete musically. The lettering is based on the Impact font, a solid and strong letter that we customized. Next to typography a logo needs an image. The inspiration for this eagle icon comes from the coat of arms of your city Koln and Native American stories in which the eagle symbolizes courage, wisdom and strength, plus the eagle functions as the messenger to the Creator, in this context Jah. Last but not least the eagle icon hints to the dragon in the Mortal Combat logo. The square symbolizes the cage, playing with the origings of the sounds name.

Dynamic Use

Next to the main Jahcage Sound logo the identity is build up out of several variantions, different forms that all breathe the same identity. Note how the universal symbol for sound/signal is intergrated into the icon.


Jahcage Sound in Woodland camo. Fun fact: we actually got into designing our own camo patterns with this project. Resulting in a loud and screaming CMYK pixel pattern and our beloved VF_FATPAT

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