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Project: Open Art Route

Partners: Open Ateliers Zuidoost

Disciplines: Concept, Spatial Design, Room Acoustics, Technical Build, Realization, Graphic Design

Year: 2012 - 2016

Starting 2012 to 2016 we developed this project from A to Z, mapping, connecting, mobilizing, showcasing and pushing our local art scene. We could write a book on this enterprise… or not… maybe just a quick tour of the project here.



Open Ateliers Zuidoost (OAZO) is an art initiative that started over 25 years ago in the form of the Open Atelier Route event in De Bijlmer (Amsterdam South East). Ever since OAZO has grown into an elaborate infrastructure for artists offering 2.200 m2 workspace. Yet, when we sat down together in 2012, things were a bit slow.


Working in a local studio ourselves, we knew about the magic that goes on within the walls of the artists’ studios around and we’ve seen new art spots arise too. In our vision the daily presence and production of over 200 artists is of major value to the local community AND to the international Amsterdam art scene on so many levels.


So from 2013 we reintroduced the Open Atelier Route Zuidoost as the OPEN ART ROUTE: a platform for all possible forms of international contemporary artistic expression in and around the artistic workspaces in Southeast Amsterdam. With a new approach to the ‘route’ concept and some fresh rebranding efforts, the OPEN ART ROUTE has become the multidisciplinary art festival of De Bijlmer with 200+ participating artists and many more extras! This yearly event now gets noticed and visited by art lovers and professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.


The Amsterdam Bijlmer is home to a great number and versatility of artists. Yet to many this prolific body of makers has been little exposed. So with the OPEN ART ROUTE we share the artistic riches in the form of an annual event in which artists open up their studios and present their practice to art lovers and professionals. This sparks collaboration and exchange between the local artists and organizations and forms a special experience for people because they can discover works of art at the site where it’s made. To realize this ambition we focused on all individual artists’ qualities and mixed substance and fun!


We wanted all parties involved - participating artists and organizations, live and online audiences, stakeholders, benefactors and sponsors – to feel part of a bigger picture. That bigger picture basically just is: (y)our local art scene. This short phrase implies a movement - an attractive notion of inclusion and representation - and easily translates into a range of playful yet urgent calls-to-action. Just shoot em out there 360 degrees!


Enjoy (y)our local art scene


* map (y)our local art scene * mobilize (y)our local art scene * connect (y)our local art scene *  push (y)our local art scene * build (y)our local art scene * support (y)our local art scene * forward (y)our local art scene * showcase (y)our local art scene *


We widened the scope from oazo associated artists only, to all artists working in the art spots in Southeast Amsterdam. We mapped out a heterogeneous group of individuals and initiatives and worked with all off them personally to create, produce and promote a comprehensive weekend long cross-programme.


The OPEN ART ROUTE - along one (wo)man shows, open studios, group exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops in studios, living rooms, staircases, terraces and collective spaces at artist spots Heesterveld, Echtenstein, Florijn, Kruitberg and Wijk 7 - provides a unique chance to discover 200+ artists in one weekend. Through the multi-facetted nature of all of their practices, the event provides refreshing perspectives on what contemporary art is, what it can be, and in which ways this is given shape by the (inter)national artists that have settled here.


The programme also presents many interesting extras, which place the artists in a local and international context. To top it off we offered a special transport service connecting all artist locations. For the occasion we transformed an old timer bus into a stage on wheels! A crowd favourite that has taken on a life of it’s own…


With an Open Art weekend presenting 200+ artists and many extras, we actively engage diverse audiences. Locally the art scene shows its face to aspirant artists, curious neighbours and friends. We also aim for art lovers and professionals from greater Amsterdam and beyond to boosts the practices of participating artists. By programming across disciplines, (sub)cultures and locations and upping logistics and communication, we offered the crowd a full art festival experience.



Next to a new perspective on what an ‘art route’ can be, the reboot of this project also provided us with a nice chance to refresh its style. A rebranding operation introducing a personal approach, a playful and informed tone of voice, some smart online solutions, a brand-new dynamic visual identity and a contemporary look & feel!

oar_websiteslider_0002_artist index scroll.jpg


With the open art route we give face to the local art scene. This collective effort provides a framework for local collaboration and exchange and it generates new interest in the sector resulting in new commissions, sales, acquaintances, fans and followers for participating artists.


Working with so many artists, means lots of stories to tell and heaps of interesting content to share! So we build a few solid instruments for off- and online presentation and applied a personalized communication strategy, to forward an entire scene and to unlock the potential reach of 200+ participants.


We designed a new dynamic visual identity that represents the diverse pallet of individual qualities and that translates well into many different versions. The OPEN ART ROUTE logo is based on a sinus that merges into an arrow. The sinus expresses the vibrant energy of the artists, while the arrow stands for their outward motion presenting their work and practices in the OPEN ART WEEKEND. With the use of fresh and contrasting colours and strong typography, it breathes a contemporary look & feel and helps viewers navigate trough lots of info. Spin off designs of the logo and key visual served for the overall on- and offline campaign, for the new interactive website and for the personalized PR kits. These kits were made available to all participating artists encouraging them to inform and invite their own networlds.


The interactive website forms the heart of the media mix. The design is intuitive, responsive and bilingual. It presents the full OPEN ART ROUTE programme and a few extra features… For those with a serious passion for art we’ve build an online database offering portfolios of 100+ artists working and living in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. As a bonus this artist database together with the audio/visual event reports, keeps the project website interesting throughout the year. Also we developed the “My OPEN ART ROUTE” module. Towards the event this web module helps visitors select their favourite programmes and artist and on site it let’s them navigate their personal route and find extra info on their smart phone. J!


We translated the new identity to a broad range of general and personalized communication features. From project proposals, invitations and catalogues to flyers, posters and banners, to t-shirts, bags and stickers to news letters, social media profiles and adds. Even clips, sound tracks and mixtapes came out of the kitchen!


We are especially proud of the online artist database. It offers heaps of interesting content and features some fine design. In our effort to put every artist first, we designed a dynamic artist identity and generated a unique visual for each of them. It is based on arrows pointing out to a range of disciplines and drawings of all unique faces ‘en profile’. The personalized artist pages and promotion materials were a great incentive for participants to actively engage and promote the event.


All general and personalised designs fuelled the campaign nicely. Through local and professional channels and via the personal networks of 200+ participating artists, the Open Art Route easily generates free publicity and engages new online and live audiences!


We tried to keep it short and we’re almost there! But not before some proper credits have been extended, so here you go!


The OPEN ART ROUTE is a project by stichting Open Ateliers Zuidoost (OAZO) since 1993. At their request introduced the OPEN ART ROUTE as a collaboration of all artist organizations in Southeast Amsterdam in 2012, and produced the 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions.



Concept and realization:, Sara Mattens & Jeffrey Croese

Project management: Sara Mattens

Creative direction: Jeffrey Croese

Programme coordination: Rachel Tokromo, Sara Mattens (2015), Petra Ponte (2014), Irene de Craen (2013)

Production lead: Rachel Tokromo (2014, 2015), Sara Mattens (2013)

Public Relations: Najiba Brakkée (2015), Lise van Zaalen (2014), Sara Mattens (2013)

Fundraising: Sara Mattens

Graphic design: Rutger Paulusse (Gwer), Kwame Tsevi, Sangiorgio Blonk, Bert Jacobs, Jeffrey Croese

Web development: Robbert Doelwijt (Munkicloud)

Coordination AV: Sangiorgio Blonk (Dallajee)

Production: Chidi Nwosu (ChiNdi Productions), Noukhey Forster, Sebas Oeseburg, Larreeny Valdink

Editor website: Petra Ponte

Social Media: Najiba Brakkée, Ytje Veenstra

Coordination hosts and info-points: Charissa Doelwijt, Isabella Doelwijt

Production on location: Frank Pluijm, Mareno Derveld, Shaghoefa Manichand, Reanchello Anastacia, Mandy Oduber, Imani Bosch



Heesterveld: Kim de Haas, Ben Minnema, Kofi Adu-Ampoma

Florijn: Petra Ponte, Martin Saemmer, AnneMarie Tiebosch

Kruitberg: Sara Mattens, Rachel Tokromo, Jeffrey Croese

Echtenstein: Els Petit, Imre Bergmann, Peter Dautzenberg

Wijk 7: Anne Brattinga



Concept: Jeff Croese (, Jesper Buursink

Programme & production lead: Jesper Buursink

Tech: Jesper Buursink, Jeffrey Croese, Frens Snijder, Ronald Hooyer (SALTO)

Presentation: Jesper Buursink, Ikael Echteld en Ilga Minjon

Floor manager and reporter: Reanchello Anastacia

Engineering: Ivy van der Veer

English old-timer bus: Hans Smit  (Andere Weg Vervoer)

Participating radio makers Radio RAZO:

Claudette Herry, Joyce Alberg, Master Blayz, Empress Donalee, Marcello Ruigtuig, Da Elementz (Gilly en Droopy)

Participating DJ’s and musicians: Pokuband Abeniba, Mizztamizzo, DJ Dab, Dherl Deekman, Louis de Ville & DJ Sid, DJ Lonely, DJ No Request, AlphaDNA, Siobhan Wall, Shae (Tutti crew), Ravennest, Million, Free Quincy

Participating artists and orgs: Dima Riba, Lucia Macari, Auke van der Hoek, Hans Mooren, Els van der Teems, Prefex Polly, Jonas Ohlsson, Annemarie Tibosch, Taji Kaba, Addishiwot Asfawosen, Frank Creton, Anouk Piket (RUA), Pascalle Marthine Tayou (Tayouken Piss), Martin Saemer, Martin Laroche, Jeroen Kruisheer (Buurtcamping), Partrick Dorder (Buurttelevisie), Cindy Moorman, Yve Baya, Mischa de Ruwe, Remco (Cafe de Nachtegaal), Mick la Rock, Lisa Hartog, Walter Bosman, Abu Kanu, Siobhan Wall, Lard Buurman, Wadada Sound.

Special thanks to: Radio RAZO and SALTO – especially Rudolf Buurma, Paul Grobbe, Frits van Eijk and Ronald Hooyer for your participation, advice and frequencies!



Technical production: Roi Alter, Renan Harari, Gilly Nijhove, Herbert Macharius, Pim Rapolt, Ikael Echteld, Eduard van Rijn, Frens Snijder

Audio & engineering: Dherl Deekman, Tim de Wreede, Sidney Wartes, Gisèle Reis



AV: Sangiorgio Blonk, Kenneth Aidoo, Yve Baya, Rachid Gazi, Donovan O’Brien, Mike Fugers

Fotografie: Les Adu, Petra Ponte, Colin Hill, Auke VanderHoek, Hans Mooren and many more

Live drawing: Ytje Veentra

Live stream: Jeffrey Croese, Robbert Doelwijt, Mitchell van Ommeren



Coordination info-points & hosts: Charissa Doelwijt, Isabella Doelwijt

Design & production info-points: Charissa Doelwijt, Isabella Doelwijt, Robbert Doelwijt (Sr.)

Hosts: Marlene Amsdorf, Saamiya Adan, Sharon Bishamp, Vera West, Maurits van Putten, Elenora Volpi, Manique Hendrix, Valeria Marchesini, Shaneequa Vrede, Randy Nkansah, Mandy Oduber, Imani Bosch

Promotion/distribution: Najiba Brakkée, Rachel Tokromo, Sangiorgio Bonk, Jeffrey Croese, Sara Mattens, Maurits van Putten, Elenora Volpi, Fumilayo Koswal, Ewe Forster, Isha Forster, Nubia Forster, Ikael Echteld, Sidney Wartes, Cary Speksnijder, Saamiya Adan, Sharon Bishamp and many more

Silkscreen workshop: Teguh Hartanto, Su Tomesen, Jeffrey Croese, Tim de Wreede, Mitchell van Ommeren, Scotty Leissius, Sangiorgio Blonk, Heike Tjepkema, Aileen Middel, Eduard van Rijn

Special thanks to: Franklin Cooman and Sjoerd Bakker of Jongerenwerk Swazoom, Saamiya Adan and Sharon Bishamp of Academie van de Stad and the Buurtambassadeurs of the D/F neighbourhood.



Tamar Rozenblat, Gemma Zuidervaart



3 Horses (SR), 90 Degree Sound (IT), A*M*E* (NL), Abu Kanu (SL), AiRich / A. Fana N. Richters (NL), Alice Pons (FR), AlphaDNA (NL), Amal Alhaag, Amaria Sunshine (NL), Amy Abdou (VS), Andrea Sossi (IT), Angelique Panday (NL),  AnnaMaria Pinaka (GR), Anne Brattinga (NL), Anne Dersén (SE), Anne Meindl (DE),  Anneke Balvert (NL), AnneMarie Tiebosch (NL), Astrid Jibodh (SR), Avantia Damberg (CW), Ayelet Levin (IL), B&B ZOH / Erwin Schuster i.s.m. Corkville / Mark van Noord (NL), Bas van der Tang (NL), Bea McMahon (IE), Ben MacKenzie, Bert Jacobs (NL), BijlmAIR, Bijlmer Style, Biserka Suran (YU), Bluegorilla, Braien Candelaria (CW), Bummy Boys, Bijlmermuseum i.c.w. Kleiklooster and Cafe de Nachtegaal, Carien Engelhard, Carlos Nijhove (NL), Caroline Prast (NL), Cary Speksnijder (NL) i.s.m. Dan Ernst, CBK Zuidoost, Chaim Oren (AT), Cindy Moorman (NL), Claudette Herry & Joyce Alberg, Culture Radio (SL), Charlotte Mumm (DE), Da Elementz (Gilly en Droopy), Dallajee / Sangiorgio Blonk (NL), Dan Ernst (SR), Daniel Bradburn (UK), Daniel Mester (HU), Daniel Voorthuys (NL), Daniella Solis, Dawood Hilmandi (AF), Delano Mac Andrew (SR), Dhanyo Scholten, Minstrel / Dherl Deekman (SR), Diego Nicolas Rodriguez (CO), Ditte Brouwers (NL), DJ Craze (NL), DJ dab / Skankaround Sound (NL), DJ Fairtrade (SE), DJ Lonely (SE), DJ No Request (NL), DJ Sid (NL), DJ Boris Becker (DE), DJ FoSho, DJ Goldfinger (RU), DJ Ivoryman (NL), DJ Switch (NL), DJ Trash, DJillem, Dmytro Biloiartsev D.RIBA (USSR), Dennis van der Laan xyzSOLUTION (NL), Dhanyo Scholten, Dongyoung Lee (KR), Diego Nicolas Rodriguez (CO), ELL-I-DEE, Ellen Harmsma (NL), Els Petit (NL) i.s.m. 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Lotte Schröder, Philipp Kremer and Ran Zhang, Natascha Salij (NL), Nfagie Kabba (SL), Nicole O'Neil, Nozad Alvandi (IR), OAZO & OAZO-AIR, Olga Olnuzola Nunnink (NL), Oma Ietje / Lilian Dibbets, Carla Bosch (NL), Open Group (UA) with Yuriy Biley (UA), Stanislav Turina (UA), Irina Leifer (RU), Jesper Buursink (NL), Otto Krol (NL), Olga Jitlina, Olivia Reschofsky (HU), Ontem Sound (PT), Oshin Albrecht (BE), Pavel Braila (MD), Peter Dautzenberg (NL), Peter Vial (NL), Pieter Heyning, POET AF BLACK, PoetryPusher Justin Samgar (NL),Partrick Dorder / Buurttelevisie, Pascale Marthine Tayou (CM), Patricia Kaersenhout, Petra Ponte (NL), Pokuband Abeniba, Prefix-poly (UK), Rachel Tokromo (NL), Ramaz Goiati (GE), Raoul Dret Kluivert (NL), RaQuel van Haver (CO), Raven Bros. Milan Raven, Timon Raven, Jacob Lucas, Mitchell Vincent van Ommeren (NL), Ray Zijlstra (AW), Remy Jungerman (SR), Rene Tosari (SR), Romeo Kotzebue (SR), Ronald Edens (NL), R.A.P. Video Productions, Radio RAZO & SALTO, Rob van Veggel (NL), Robbert Doelwijt (SR), Robbert Doelwijt Jr. (NL), Roi Alter (IL), Romeo Kotzebue (SR), RUA / Anouk Piket & Christa van den Heuvel (NL) i.c.w. Onio, Ramon Martins, Speto, Rimon Guimarães, Gais Ama en Ovni (BR), Saliou Traore, Sara ter Beeke (NL), Sato Atmopawiro (SR), Sebastiaan Hoogstraten (NL), Sebastiaan Serle (NL), Sebastian Skeete McLeed Seppdesign (NL), Sensiriti Sound (NL/UK), Shain Band (NL/SL), Sidney Wartes (NL) & Ikael Echteld (NL) Lion Soldiers, Sinan Guven (TR), Sjoerd van Leeuwen (NL), South East, Stijn Sadee, Studio Kinematix & friends, Susanne Edam (NL), Sanne Luteijn (NL), Sara de Santis & dancers  (IT), Sarah & Tony, Shae / Tutti crew, Sigrid van Essel, Simone Heijloo (NL), Siobhan Wall (UK), SOS Watondo Matondo (CG), Studio Kinematix & friends, Susanne Edam (NL), Taji Kaba, Tamar Rozenblat (IL), Tariq Khan i.s.m. Addishiwot Asfawosen, Vaari Claffey (IE), Vera Karlsson (AT), (NL), Virgil Westhout (NL), Wadada Sound, Walter Bosman (NL), Wies Olde Riekerink (NL), Wijk 7, Ytje Veenstra (NL), Yuna van Munster, Yve Baya (CD)



The OPEN ART ROUTE was generously supported by Stadsdeel Zuidoost, Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Rochdale, De Key and Ymere/Creative Community Heesterveld. Futhermore the programmes were made possible by Stichting Flat, Wijk 7, OAZO AIR and Tandem European Cultural Foundation, CBK Zuidoost, Imagine IC, NoLIMIT, Swazoom, Moving Museum Of Clothes, Buurtambassadeurs D/F buurt, Moestuin Groene Vingers, Flavour Town, Cafe de Nachtegaal, Bijlmermuseum, Kleibier, RUA, Memory Stream, Bijlmer Parktheater, Cafe Berlin, InHolland Diemen, W139, Radio RAZO, SALTO, Culture Radio/Freetown, Shain Foundation, B&B ZOH, Oma Ietje and all participating artists.

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