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Project: Burgernet

Partner: gemeente Amsterdam, stadsdeel Zuidoost

Disciplines: Director, Production

Year: 2013

Burgernet is a platform for collaboration between citizens, municipalities and police to improve the safety in Dutch neighbourhoods. With this mobile tool, all parties pull together to find missing or suspected people, functioning as a civil watch amber alert style. When an incident occurs a local push message informs Burgernet participants and requests them to share information on the case, may they have any. was invited to create commercials for Burgernet to inform and engage the community. So we studied the real Burgernet cases to get a feel for the platform and discovered a lot of positive stories where missing children or elderly people were lost but also got found quickly with the help of a near or far neighbour. We came up with three stories: a mom in a busy shopping centre looking for her kid, a youngster out on the town missing his phone and a granddaughter searching for her grandpa whose gone wandering around.

We produced three commercials, creating attractive aesthetics and hitting a real tone of voice by working with ordinary people instead of actors. The voice over by former national news anchor Noraly Beyer gives the commercials an extra official feel. The commercials were shown in 2013 on local television stations, in public transport and on train stations and other screens in public space.


Director: Jeffrey Croese
Producer: Jeffrey Croese, Sara Mattens, Chidi Nwosu & Mike Fugers
Camera: Mike Fugers
Set Assist: Jeffrey Croese, Chidi Nwosu & Tim de Wreede
Edit: Mike Fugers & Jeffrey Croese
Motion Graphics & Color: Mike Fugers
Visagie: Eberechi Nwosu

Music: Raven Bros.
Mix & Master: Raven Bros.
Voice-over: Noraly Beyer
Recorded at: Ravennest

Participants: Julitza Awatjale, Jacey Awatjale, Tom van Luijn, E.I. Kanu, Ada Nwosu

Special thanks to Karien Timmer and Eric Weber of gemeente Amsterdam stadsdeel Zuidoost

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