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Project: Triggafinga INTL

Partner: Triggafinga INTL

Disciplines: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Identity Design

Year: 2014

Triggafinga International is a sound system wildly known for the heavy and rare artists’ dubplate box. Next to this Triggafinga Intl is one of the best dub-plate agencies around. Triggafinga Intl recorded almost every living artist out there, from early roots to last dancehall and rap, providing more than 1000 soundsystems worldwide with custom music. developed the brand identity for Triggafinga International.


The Triggafinga identity evolves around the Knockout font family. Triggafinga International is a original soundsystem which means they participate in musical competitions called 'Soundclash'. With Knockout typeface Triggafinga International can fight in every division.



Knockout's nine-width, four-weight family offers a range of voices that's impossible to achieve with even the best Modernist sans serifs. Likewise Triggafinga International's collection of dubplates offers a range of voices that's also kinda impossible to achieve



Over the years we hosted many Dubplate sessions for Triggafinga International in our studio in Kraaiennest. One time we recorded over a hundred dubplates with five artists in two days but most times it were memorable moments with some of our musical hero's. 


dub•plate – nuon [/ˈdʌbpleɪt/]

A term originated in reggae dancehall culture, used to describe an exclusive piece of music played by a sound system. Also known as ‘exclusive’ or ‘special’.


Fun Fact! First time I met Triggafinga was on a bus in 2013. For our Open Art Route project we started driving busses around our neighbourhood to make a transport system between the artist studios and we envisioned it as moving stages. A place for art in public transport. Triggafinga was on the first one, bumping his own computer and controller around on the back seat of the bus while playing the craziest tunes. He played some music I never heard before! "Hello my name is" B-Real dubplate. We've came a long way since that. Busses got bigger and we have build better booths.  - Jeff Croese / Creative Director        

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