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Project: The Office of Lost Time

Partner: Petra Ponte, Raven Bros.

Disciplines: Camera Operator, Video Editting

Year: 2015

The office of lost time is always dedicated for one person at a time, in areas of the city where people only pass by or wait but never stay. Our first location was the Hoekenrodeplein in Bijlmer where we open our office for 8hours, 5 days in a week for 5 weeks in the same spot. People could come to visit us and sit with us. After a small conversation we offered to each of them a service/experience designed specifically for them.

Concept & Performance: MOHAPROJECT

Artists: Alice Pons, Olivia Rechofsky

Assistants: Rex Clemensia, Zsofia Paclozay

Set Design: Merel Noorlander

Production Leader: Petra Ponte

Video & Editing: / Sangiorgio Blonk & Jeffrey Croese

Music: Timon Raven & Mitchell van Ommeren / Ravenbros.


With the support of



Special thanks to HAMPTON BY HILTON



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