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Project: Skateboard Jam Kraaiennest

Partners: Skatepark Kraaiennest, Urban Sports Week Amsterdam, Blue Tomato, Open Ateliers Zuidoost, Olly's BBQ, Hart voor de K-buurt.

Disciplines: Graphic Design, Event Production

Year: 2023


1 skatepark, 1 street course, 1 miniramp, 20 skateboards, 7 coaches, 3 hours of skateboard clinics, 65 kids in clinics, 62 skaters in the Best Trick contest, a total of 230 visitors, a pile of prizes, and many new young skaters in Skatepark Kraaiennest since.


Skateboard Jam Kraaiennest 2023 was a fantastic event! On Saturday, August 26, 2023, during the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam, Kraaiennest was all about skateboarding. The event featured skateboard clinics for kids, the Blue Tomato Balance Board Challenge, the Best Trick contest, Miniramp Sessions, and local food, music, art, and skate shops. We experienced sunshine, thunderstorms. Good vibes forever, no matter the weather.

The Jam started at 12:00 PM with skateboard clinics for kids. There was a street course, a skatepark, a miniramp, skateboards, and gear, along with seven coaches on hand. Over three hours, more than sixty children received a comprehensive introduction to skateboarding.


The Blue Tomato Balance Board Challenge was a huge hit, with kids, parents, and visitors taking turns to see who could maintain balance the longest.


WhatsApp Image 2023-10-16 at 16.38.52 (3).jpeg

At 4:00 PM, the Best Trick contest kicked off. Around sixty skateboarders registered and competed in heats of 15 minutes to showcase their coolest tricks. Small and big prizes were awarded for the best tricks, best learners, and the hardest crashes.


Meanwhile, skaters and the audience enjoyed food, drinks, skate gear, artwork, and music from local communities in Kraaiennest, Bijlmer, Amsterdam.

Skateboard Jam Kraaiennest is an initiative of Skatepark Kraaiennest DIY and during the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam 2023, with support from the City of Amsterdam, Blue Tomato, Hart voor de K-buurt, Open Ateliers Zuidoost, Bijlmer Bios,, Skatemates, Olly’s BBQ, Severe, SKEER, TSP, CLCP, and all the DIY 

heroes of Kraaiennest!

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