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Backstage Photo Exhibition

2015 marked Ilja Meefout's 10th anniversary as a photographer, we invited him to present his first solo exhibition: Backstage. The show was on view daily from June 20th until July 5th 2015 at Kraaiennest shoppingcentre, Amsterdam. The exhibition constisted of a couple of area’s. On the main wall framed prints of powerfull portraits of international Hip Hop icons. The installation made the images seem to float in space. On the sidewall a sequence of projected images of public spaces in Bijlmer, contrasting the status quo to that of a decade ago. On the left a postercollage of 30 fresh prints presenting local and international MC’s.


Opening night was a blast! Kind words by journalist Saul van Stapele. DJ sets by Chief and Abstract and live performances by Adje and Hef set it off. EARTH Water, Kornuit and Jack Daniels kept the party going and the gathering of this crowd made the thing complete. Like i said, a blast.

Backstage got a lot of media attention. An Ilja Meefout playlist on 22tracks. A spread page, PS cover and a shot on the cover of Parool newspaper. Video reports by and 101barz and to top it off an 8 spread article in Soundz magazine. Whoop!

Main inspiration for the logo came from the big glass façade of the exhibition space. How can we communicate through glass? All typo is based around Campton font, a geometric typeface that we love!

Backstage was made possible with the hard labour of:

 Martin Saemmer, Roi Alter, Renan Harrari, Sebas Oeseburg, Ivo van den Heuvel, Rachel Tokromo, Rutger Paulusse, Regillio Nijhove, Herbert Macharius, Frens Snijder, Sangiorgio Blonk, Pim Rappoldt, Ikael Echteld, Mitchell van Ommeren, Jesper Buursink, Sara Mattens, Jeffrey Croese and Eduard van Ryn.


Backstage was generously supported by:


De Key, OPEN ART ROUTE, Hogeschool InHolland, W139, Bijlmer Parktheater, Drukzo, 22tracks, EARTH Concepts and Studio XYZ AMS.


Backstage is a production 2015.

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