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N8BUS: convoi exceptionnel

For the 2015 and 2016 edition we advised, strategized, programmed and produced for the organisation of the N8. All efforts for a deeper integration of the peripheral art scenes into this Amsterdam event.

Advise, Strategy, Event Production, Event Programming


Our first idea was to create a special ‘N8bus’ service, making the nexus between the central Museumplein and the far off locations in the West and South East sides of town. And so we did, proving the N8bus a real crowd favourite bringing lots of visitors out.

Our second suggestion was to make a visit to these areas worthwhile by stimulating more art organizations to participate and to come up with attractive programmes. Happy with the new direction the largest new entrant CBK Zuidoost – the institute for visual arts in Amsterdam South-East - invited to create an out door special for the occasion.

The N8BUS combines business and pleasure. With this convoi exceptionnel we blend the transport solution with an on board entertainment programme, creating a unique mobile experience for the audiences of Museumnacht Amsterdam and provoking them to discover new and exciting places.


With a couple of eye catching old timer busses we provided a nocturnal transport service, frequently taking passengers from A to B. in addition we approached these fabulous busses as ‘stages on wheels’, bringing some live entertainment into the mix! On board of the N8BUS we presented an eclectic line-up of Amsterdam based artists, performers and pundits like:


* DJ Lonely * DJ Sids * Scripted Reality * Ike Melchizedek * Mizztamizzo * Yve * Soul Trash * Dret * Kiddo Cee * Joenes * Rebelation Sound * Heike ‘holy hostess’ Tjepkema *  Najiba ‘N8wacht’ Brakkee * also provided all technical planning and production for this 8-hour live and mobile show, allowing for the full nightclub experience on board of an antique bus (while riding on time ). Buckle up for the ride!

STOP! To invite people to hop onto the N8BUS, enjoy the on board programme and visit a few far off shows, we created a presence in the city centre as well. The N8BUS STOP! was situated at the heart of the event: the Museumplein surrounded by cultural domes like Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Van Gogh Museum. With a small on site installation, the Furious Flow dancers and enthusiastic ambassadors we created maximum impact. Triggering curiosity, providing info and offering an active and open form of entertainment. And so the crowds polonaised into the busses, onto the suburbs!

OUTDOOR SPECIAL On invitation of CBK Zuidoost and visual artist Yasser Ballemans presented Vuursculptuur both/and Soundcultuur, a bonfire special on their yard for the occasion of Museumnacht 2016. We wanted to create a warm get together melting visual art and music into one pot. Yasser’s fire sculpture was inspired by the ancient function of fire in coming together and the modern need of people to get away from their screens. Together with Corine Zomer he also ran a live candle workshop lighting the place up even more. Around Yasser’s fire presented a musical programme exploring the local sound culture, from roots reggae to future hip hop with performances by:


* Sensiriti Sound * Ike Melchizedek * DJ Sids * CRZE * Anne Brattinga * Minstrel * Louis de Ville * Jackie Spen * Gler * Vich Holy * Mizztamizzo * Kiddo Cee * Dret * Joenes * INDIGO AMSTERDAM with Meru * Black Acid * illnoledge * Amby * hosted by Ilga Minjon *


We did the full works for this project, from concept, design and programme to permits, technique and production.

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