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Hi, we are VINGER.NL. Creative Studio. 
Our practice is broad, local & so
cially oriented

Check our archive here.

To be clear... In short... you link us for:

[1] Concept & Project Development

There is magic and skill in bringing an idea into reality. From first concept to project plan to fundraising and permitting to production to aftercare. You might know us from FATFORM, Open Art Route, Museumn8 Amsterdam, Skateboard Jam Kraaiennest or...


[2] Design

We design in many ways. From graphic identities, album art, show visuals, books and catalogues to spatial design when the game is events, exhibitions and studio's. Our next focus is on product design.   


[3] Audio Solutions

We love sound. We build studio's, from recording to podcast to radio. Indoor & outdoor, stationary & mobile. We up-cycle old equipment and build custom sound systems. We record a lot of music at the VINGER.NL studio and we love to DJ.   

Open Art Route -40- 20 juni 2015 © Les Adu.jpg

Let's link, let's get together

Please scroll around for more projects. Check our Youtube page for 200+ project related video's. On our Soundcloud you can find our mixtapes & podcasts.  Read about us here

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