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FATFORM: Present Forever

From 2010 trough 2012 and artist label Fffuck staged FATFORM. An artist-run initiative and flexible platform where (Art) objects, performances, cultures, genres, feelings and opinions could circulate in all their radicality. Due to experimental and international cross programming all possible forms of expression come together in a parking garage in De Bijlmermeer (Amsterdam South East). With this clash of worlds we wanted to encourage makers and audiences from very diverse fields and backgrounds to meet and exchange.

Project Management, Production Lead, Webdesign, Video, Kitchen, Technical coordination, Transport & Logistics, Graphic Design, Event Programming, Event Production, Fundraising,


For its third and last season we invited Ad de Jong and Manuel Klappe to make an exhibition together with Daniela Bershan, co-director of FATFORM. We wanted to go out with a bang and were really ambitious about this show. In collaboration with 55 contemporary Dutch artists, exhibition designer Bas Oudt and a production crew of over 50 peeps we turned 4000 square meters into PRESENT FOREVER. An exhibition in which 55 artists showed their latest work on multiple, spiralling floors and together created a unique visual experience. Aware that the future does not present itself, but should be made, the artists gave their own vision on their personal future and determined their position on things to come.


PRESENT FOREVER, 55 Contemporary Dutch Artists was on view daily from July 28th until September 30th 2012 in garage Klieverink, Kraaiennest, Amsterdam. We welcomed over 6.000 visitors coming from near by and far away to experience this extraordinary show.

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